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Nanyang Solar Cooker

The Nanyang Solar Project (VER) improves the indoor hygiene and living conditions of 50.000 rural households in one of the poorest regions in China.

Sichuan Hydro

The Sichuan Project (CER) based in Tiejue is a newly built 25MW, high head hydropower project.

Mongolia Wind

The Wind Farm (CER) consists of 33 wind turbines, delivering a stable and clean 49.5mw of electricity to the North China Power Grid


The Dachunhe hydro project (VER) utilizes water resources from the Dachunhe River to generate electricity, delivered to the China Southern Power Grid without CO2 emissions.


The Hengdong project recovers and utilizes the waste gas from the production process of semi-coke to generate electricity.

China Carbon N.V. develops, implements and sources emissions-reduction projects in China, India and Vietnam.
Currently we have a portfolio of more than 150 emission reduction projects for both the compliance (EU-ETS) and
voluntary (VER) carbon market. China Carbon N.V. is based in Amsterdam.

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Nanyang Solar

Dachunhe Hydro

Sichuan Hydro

Inner Mongolia Wind

Hengdong Waste

Rudong Wind

Sidehe Hydro

Amojiang Hydro

Leiyingshian Wind

Mopo Small Hydro

Xiangrong Waste