Project Type


Project Period

2008 – 2022

Project Location

China – Yunan Province

Pihe is a run of-river hydropower project located on Pihe River, which is a main branch of Nujiang River in Nujiang prefecture in Yunnan Province.

The total installed capacity of the Project is 9.6MW with an expected net supply of 41.34GWh per year to local power grid, which is a part of China Southern Power Grid. It will reduce 32,605 tons CO2 by avoiding greenhouse gases emissions from the business-as-usual scenario. Due to this project, less electricity from fossil fuel-fired power plants is needed to the China Southern Power Grid.

Nujiang prefecture is an undeveloped area, and about 92.25% of its population is minorities2 . As a national super poverty county3 , the average income in rural area of Fugong county is only about $100. The Project’s construction and operation will provide local people with many benefits in economy development and income increase. The project contributes to local sustainable development by:

–   Reducing GHG emissions and other pollutants resulting from the power generation industry in China, compared to a business-as- usual scenario.

–   Accelerating economic development of an undeveloped minority area in China.

–   Create local employment opportunities during the project construction and operation period.

–   Contribute to the rural area electrification program, reducing part of firewood demand, protecting local vegetation and environment


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