Project Type



Project Period

2012 – 2022

Project Location

China – Nanyang Province

The Nanyang Solar Project improves the indoor hygiene and living conditions of 50.000 rural households in one of the poorest regions in China. By replacing traditional coal-fired cooking stoves with clean solar cookers, an annual 93.962 t of CO2-emissions are reduced and the quality of life of 50.000 rural household are improved.
The Nanyang Danjian river basin is ideal for solar energy utilization. The project involves the distribution and installation of 50.000 solar cookers for households, providing a combined capacity of 38.675 MWth. The beneficial population is anticipated to be 178.710 when the project is in operation.


The project contributes to local sustainable development by:

–      Providing rural residents a clean and convenient way to meet energy demand for daily cooking.
–      Improving indoor hygiene of rural residents
–      Improving living conditions and quality of life
–      Creating permanent employment for local people

 A public survey of local habitants was conducted in writing the EIA. A total of 100 questionnaires were distributed and all were returned. 100% of the surveyed inhabitants supported the project and believed it would benefit the development of the local economy.

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