China Carbon is a leading voluntary offset player. The company has been active in the voluntary carbon markets since 2006 and has built a very substantial portfolio and a strong track record in project development.



Explore China Carbon’s voluntary carbon projects by clicking on the images below. These projects are just a small selection of the 70+ VER projects we have developed to date.


The Liaoning Wind Project feeds green energy into the grid, reduce the use of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions, and create permanent employment for local communities.

Location: Liaoning Size: 196 MW
Technology: Wind power Estimated Annual ERs: 200,775 tC02e




The Nanyang Solar Project improves the indoor hygiene and living conditions of 50.000 rural households in one of the poorest regions in China.

Location: Nanyang Size: 38.7 MWth
Technology: Solar power Estimated Annual ERs: 93,962 tC02e





The Dachunhe hydro project (VER) utilizes water resources from the Dachunhe River to generate electricity, delivered to the China Southern Power Grid without CO2 emissions.

Location: Dachunhe Size: 6 MW
Technology: Hydro power Estimated Annual ERs: 22,668 tC02e