Projects that are part of the CDM scheme allow compliance buyers to trade, sell, or use credits in order to meet their CER emission targets. CDM projects are at present the main offset mechanism for both the EU ETS and Chinese market.

China Carbon focuses on investment in the following area:

  • Development of CDM projects in LDCs (EU ETS market)
  • Endangered CDM Projects in China (EU ETS market)
  • Development ¬†in Chinese CDM projects in China (Chinese ETS market)

China Carbon presents the link between these two markets. We offer the opportunity to coinvest in CDM projects to cover your emissions in Europe, and at the same time increase your presence in the Chinese market.

In future these two markets will be linked and eventually play a key component in the interlinked global Carbon market. China Carbon is growing its presence on all fronts to meet this challenge, developing  markets as an early mover. You could be part of this growth.


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