With well over 60 CDM projects to date, China Carbon has built

one of the largest CER portfolios in the world.

This represents a 100% delivery record in emission reductions

in excess of 26 million tons of CO2.





Explore China Carbon’s flagship compliance projects by clicking on the images below.

The Rudong Wind Farm is one of the largest in China, delivering 100MW of capacity. Installation began in February 2005, and began generating electricity in 2006.

Location: Jiangsu Province Size: 100 MW
Technology: Wind power Estimated
Annual ERs:
199,251 tC02e




The Pihe Project is a run of-river hydropower project located on Pihe River, which is a main branch of Nujiang River in Nujiang prefecture in Yunnan Province. It has a total capacity of 9.6MW.

Location: Yunnan Province Size: 9.6 MW
Technology: Hydro power Estimated Annual ERs:  32,605tC02e




The Mongolia Wind Farm consists of 33 wind turbines, delivering a stable and clean 49.5mw of electricity to the North China Power Grid

Location: Inner Mongolia Size: 49.5 MW
Technology: Wind power Estimated Annual ERs: 96,899 tC02e





The Tiejue Project based in Sichuan is a newly built 25MW, high head hydropower project.

Location: Sichuan Province Size: 25 MW
Technology: Hydro power Estimated Annual ERs: 98,877 tC02e





The Hengdong project recovers and utilizes the waste gas from the production process of semi-coke to generate electricity.

Location: Shaanxi Size: 100 MW
Technology: Waste power Estimated Annual ERs: 428,167 tC02e