Danjinghe Wind Farm Power project


Project Type



Project Period

2016 – 2018

Project Location

China – Hebei Province

The purpose of the CECIC HKC Danjinghe Wind Farm Project (hereinafter referred as “the Project”) is to generate renewable electricity using wind power resources and to sell the generated output to the North China Power Grid (NCPG) on the basis of a power purchase agreement (PPA). The project activity generates greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions by avoiding CO2 emissions from electricity generation by fossil fuel power plants that is supplied to NCPG.
The project activity involves the installation and operation 54 wind turbines of 750kW, 100 wind turbines of 800kW and 53 wind turbines of 1500kW. Therefore, the total installed capacity of proposed wind farm is 200MW. Total of 438,550MWh clean electricity generated by the Project are expected to be delivered to the NCPG annually. Accordingly, the estimated annual GHG
emission reductions of the Project are 407,303 tCO2e.
The Project started construction on 11/05/2007. The first wind turbine of the Project started commissioning on 21/01/2009. The Project was in full operation on 13/04/2010.
This monitoring period of the Project is from 01/10/2016 to 30/09/2018. The total emission reduction of the 9th monitoring period is: 893,457tCO2e.