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Project Hengdong

The ShaanXi Waste Gas Project is invested by 3 Chinese chemical companies who all have a semi-coke production facility. The project will recover and utilize the waste gas from the production process of semi-coke to generate electricity. Through this clean technology, the gasses are used in an environmental friendly matter and impose less negative impact on our global climate.
The project contributes to local sustainable development by:
–   Prevent the waste gasses from each of the production sites of semi-coke to be flared and released in the atmosphere.
–   Recover and utilize all waste gasses from the production of semi-coke for power generation. The annually generated 513.420 MWh will be delivered to the Northwest China Power Grid, which is predominated by fossil fuel-fired power plants Greenhouse gas emission reductions are achieved by displacing an equivalent amount of electricity supplied by the grid.
–   Create many permanent employment opportunities for local people during operation.
–   Promote the utilization of (waste) resources and avoiding the environmental pollution of the coke industry.