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Project Dachunje


The Dachunhe hydro project utilizes water resources from the Dachunhe River to generate electricity, which will be delivered to the China Southern Power Grid without CO2 emissions. The project owner is involved in various CSR activities, such as donations to the red-cross (certificate available), donations of schoolbooks to a local school (news article available), and also planting indigenous trees in the local environment.The project is a newly-built hydropower project with a total installed capacity of 6 MW. There is no reservoir or submerged area near the Project since it consists of a diversion dam with a river diversion tunnel. The purpose of the project is to utilize the water resources to generate clean electricity,and achieve greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions by displacing an equivalent electricity supplied by Central China Power Grid, which is predominantly powered by fossil fuel-fired power plants. We have various good pictures available of the project site. In addition, we can provide the original and English translated newsacticles of the CSR activities from the Project Owner. This is a very suitable project for anyone who like to support small scale hydro power technology and create a social impact in rural China.